‘Una Vuelta +’: the circular economy program that recycles materials used in Natura’s campaigns

Under the leadership of Latcom, Natura is part of the circular economy project ‘Una Vuelta +’. Banners, posters, and all kinds of materials used in outdoor campaigns will be turned into bags and backpacks.

Cosmetics company Natura has teamed up with Latcom, a company specialized in Out of Home (OOH) media, to promote the circular economy project ‘Una Vuelta +’.

The proposal focuses on the recycling of materials used in outdoor advertising campaigns to generate job opportunities in vulnerable communities in Latin America.

¿How does Latcom and Natura’s ‘Una Vuelta +’ circular economy program work?

Continuing with its focus on social, environmental, and economic sustainability, Natura joins the ‘Una Vuelta +’ initiative by donating the materials used in its OOH advertising campaigns. These materials will be used to create bags, backpacks, or toiletry bags as part of the circular economy project, and will be repurchased. The initiative aligns with Natura’s ‘More Beauty, Less Waste’ purpose.

“Thanks to ‘Una Vuelta +’, we have been able to close the cycle of our advertising materials, thus reducing our waste,” said Alexandra Oliva, Reputation and Corporate Communication Manager at Natura &Co. She also noted that this initiative will incentivize the work of Peruvian women. Regarding the products that will be created, she said they will be an incentive “to continue building a country with More Beauty and Less Waste”.

Source: Mercado negro