Football with Heart, United for the Apache: FGE’s New Campaign to Raise Funds for Renovations at Club El Apache

A commercial, raffle, and various segments aimed at realizing improvements to the field and facilities to change the future of the young talents of the El Apache club.


Buenos Aires, August 14, 2023 – Gestionar Esperanzas Foundation – FGE – as part of its Valuable Spaces Program, presents its communication campaign “Football with Heart, United for the Apache” with the objective of raising funds for the renovation works of the club located in Fuerte Apache, now known as the Ejército de los Andes neighborhood. Together with the Tres de Febrero Municipality, they present this ambitious project to change the future of the young talents of the “El Apache” club. The focus of the campaign is an open call for everyone to join and thus achieve the much-needed improvements, starting with the renovation of the field and the enhancement of its facilities.

The commercial, developed by CAS – Contenidos Advertising SA – and produced by Munieco TV, tells the story of this emblematic field where greats like Carlos Tévez, Thiago Almada, Lucas Chávez, Nahuel Rodríguez emerged, and invites participation in the project by capturing the essence of the communication with a perspective summarized in the stance of those who are part of the Apache community: “One more hour at the club, one less hour for the kids on the street.”

In addition to the commercial, and with the help of Sofia Grecco, the influencer with a following of thousands of River Plate fans, River jerseys signed by the latest champions of the 2023 League tournament have been acquired. These jerseys will be raffled among all those who contribute to the El Apache project through the link in the bios of @sofigrecco and @fundaciongestionar. Those who donate at least 500 Argentine pesos can participate in the drawing.

“I met these wonderful kids at ‘El Apache’ club. Their passion for football is inspiring, but they need a safe field to play. That’s why, convinced of the need, I joined the project to help make it possible. Together with Gestionar Esperanzas Foundation, we created a donation link, and among all the donors, we will raffle a River jersey signed by the latest champions of the 2023 League tournament. Together, we can make this dream come true that drives the lives of future champions,” comments Sofia Grecco.

The “El Apache” Club is perceived in the neighborhood as a place of support, growth, and community strengthening, working in a committed manner, providing resources, generating a positive impact on its community, and forming networks with other organizations and entities. Sports as a school of life allow for pedagogical intervention during the free time of children and adolescents, promoting healthy lifestyles. It contributes to addiction prevention and encourages the exercise of positive values in the community through the wholesome use of public spaces.

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Gestionar Esperanzas Foundation is composed of a team of professionals and volunteers who work for environmental care, social inclusion, and human and community development for vulnerable children and families. The Foundation has a regional scope and has offices in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay, with a presence in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador. It takes actions that contribute to the well-being of communities, generating opportunities through education, nutrition, infrastructure, training, recycling programs, environmental care, and responsible use.

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The organization was founded in 2009, thanks to the initiative of Roger Marcelino Ruiz “DIDI,” the discoverer of the renowned Argentine footballer Carlos Tévez. Located in the Fuerte Apache neighborhood, Ciudadela, it functions today as a community club.

The club offers various activities, primarily football, which they practice on their own field. They also have workshops for educational games and classes like Zumba and soccer tennis, held every day. The club’s goal is to promote the social development of the neighborhood through physical activity, a significant motivator for people in vulnerable situations. The intention is to engage them in activities and keep them off the streets.

Their main needs are infrastructure and volunteers for teaching classes. From the foundation, we strongly support this initiative that helps children and adolescents be included in society, learn values, and develop their physical abilities.