Art auction in Recoleta: selling paintings made by 50 children for a charity project

The money raised will be used to support children aged 8 to 12 years old. Here’s how to participate.

The “Mi Barrio” charity art workshop will auction off 102 artworks created by over 50 children from the community organizations Gauchito and Centro Cultural Almirante Brown in Tigre until this Thursday.

Under the slogan “The culture of my neighborhood,” the exhibition and benefit auction is open at CUBO, Recoleta.

The project is managed by the Gestionar network, a space for children aged between 8 and 12 years old, “whose objective is to provide them with tools to express themselves and enable them to project a broader and more inclusive future through culture.”

“In each class, not only the artistic development of each child is promoted, but also the search and construction of their own identity and that of their neighborhood, under the slogan ‘Neighborhood identity and childhood’,” explained the Gestionar Esperanzas Foundation.

The work was made possible thanks to the contribution of Martín Saráchaga, the project’s sponsor, who donated all the necessary materials for the children to create their artworks and the space to exhibit them.

All proceeds will be used to continue the activities organized by the Gestionar network. “Art is a powerful tool for social transformation and inclusion,” affirmed the organizers.

Source: TN