Natura and Latcom join ‘Una Vuelta +’

The project by the Gestionar Esperanzas Foundation is an initiative for recycling and reusing OOH (out-of-home) material aimed at generating genuine employment opportunities in the region. Natura and Latcom have joined ‘Una Vuelta +’, a circular economy project that uses recycled material from OOH advertising campaigns to create employment opportunities in vulnerable communities throughout Latin America.


Natura supports this initiative, which aligns with its brand purpose of ‘More beauty, less waste’, by donating its campaign materials and later purchasing them in new versions such as bags, backpacks, and toiletry bags.

“At Natura, we are always searching for innovative ways to generate positive impact on people and the environment. Thanks to the ‘Una Vuelta +’ program, we have been able to close the loop on our advertising materials, reducing our waste and creating work for Peruvian women. This great process has also allowed us to obtain beautiful products made from our own material, which we use as incentives to motivate and mobilize our network to continue building a country with More Beauty and Less Waste,” comments Alexandra Oliva, Reputation and Corporate Communications Manager at Natura &Co.

Meanwhile, Karina Vázquez, Chief Commercial Officer for Latin America and the United States at Latcom, who leads the ‘Una Vuelta +’ project, adds: “It is always satisfying to continue achieving results on this path towards equity, inclusion, and environmental care. Specifically, we generate value with social and environmental impact, reusing materials to create quality products and generating genuine employment opportunities for groups of women in socially vulnerable communities. In this way, we give ‘Una Vuelta +’ to the canvases and leftovers from analog OOH campaigns and transform them into a social assistance opportunity.”

Fuente: Dossiernet