Manitos solidarias

It began in January 2020 at the initiative of the referent since, in her neighborhood, trunks of the felling, the boys were on the street, hungry and she received them regardless of where they came from or if they already attended another center.

They started with a popular pot, then with crafts and finally with school support and always hand in hand with recycling, with the money they received from the sale of recycling they bought food. Marcela started with her family and with the help of other organizations in the neighborhood, such as “Los Bajitos”.

They work every day of the week. He doesn’t want any kids to be on the street and be contained in one place.


Monday they deliver dinner to the family.

Monday and Tuesday school support.

Tuesday and Wednesday crafts.

From Monday to Friday they cook for the children to eat their snack and dinner in the space.

Contact: Marcela