Lo de Cata

Catalin Munive came from Peru over 15 years ago and settled in Sagrada Familia de los Troncos del Talar, Tigre. Mobilized by the situation of poverty that the community was going through, she decided to start cooking at home and share the food with the families who needed it the most.

This spirit of solidarity grew among neighbors and donors. Cata became a leader in the community by founding an organization that today provides 76 families with snacks and dinner from Monday to Friday, art workshops for children and a community space for neighbors. The goal is to improve and expand the facilities where they operate today in order to offer health care to homeless people and to be able to provide more children with school support workshops.

“Lo de Cata” from the inside:

Every day, at around five o’clock, Cata and her team deliver cookies and milk for snacks, in addition to food for dinner. At about half past five, when all the deliveries have been made, all that remains is to start washing the pots and pans, to return the next day with a clean kitchen.

The idea of the food was Cata’s. What she proposes is to facilitate the family meeting around the table, in that intimate space of socialization where family dialogue is built.

Proyect 2022:

This year “Lo de Cata” is part of the VALUE SPACES program which objective is to build a new space to provide trade workshops that facilitate people’s job placement.P