Comedor y merendero 12 de octubre

They began the year 2018 cooking in the development society that the neighborhood provided for the elderly because there were no dining rooms for that population.

Later, through the years, mothers, children under 12 years of age, among others, were added as they could cook and receive in the dining room and also, depending on the amount of merchandise they received to be able to deliver, the older adults always being the priority. The pandemic turned out to be a challenge since the beneficiary population could not leave their homes, they fought to be allowed to open to give food to the elderly who were isolated, but they sought a solution by going to leave the food at the door of the house, without speaking or communicating with them. Today they have the doors of the dining room open so that the neighborhood community can come to look for food (whether families, young people or older adults).

They deliver snack Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Dinner Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Contact: Juan Carlos