Merendero MAS

MAS is an action movement that aims at social transformation through four
pillars that fundamentally impact the development stage of the youngest:
food, education, sports and culture. His work is based on the constant search for tools that can equal opportunities for all those who were born in situations of vulnerability.

MAS, managed to create a space where more than 130 children have already been sitting at a table to share a snack, a play space … a meeting place!

MAS works in the neighborhood "El Pozo" de La Cava, San Isidro, every Sunday at 4.30 pm, to the attend children between 1 and 14 years.

To support this project, they mainly need to receive food donations. In
addition, materials for educational activities, clothing, shoes and toys, which
will then be placed at events or fairs, and will be sold for the benefit of the